(n) a person or thing that acts as a chief support

When it comes to your marketing content let me be a source of support – a mainstay – for you and your business

Why Hire a Professional? 

When promoting your company through written materials, you want your messages to engage your customers while being clear and accurate. Websites. Blogs. Brochures. Newsletters. Social Media Posts. Email Blasts. Ads. All of these avenues and more can be used to promote your business, to build relationships with potential customers. It is important these promotional pieces engage your clients and encourage them to take action whether it is to sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase.

As a copywriter, my job is to write content that conveys your company’s image and values while attracting new customers.

As an editor, I will review material you’ve already written to make sure it is accurate and error free.

What can I do for you...

Copywriting Services from Mainstay Editorial Services


The content of your promotional materials is important. It informs your customers and drives them to interact with your company. I write content that delivers your company’s key messages in a way that builds trust with your customers.

Mainstay Editorial Service


My job is to make sure your marketing messages are clear and concise for your customers. I edit your content for grammar errors, wordiness and accuracy, and I do this while preserving your company’s brand image.

Style Guide Creation from Mainstay Editorial Services

Style Guide Creation

Does your company use a lot of acronyms or unusual spellings? I can create a Style Guide for your company’s internal use. A Style Guide is a cheat sheet for your employees outlining spelling, grammar rules, abbreviations and acronyms commonly used by your company.

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