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Blog Content – Where to Find It to Avoid Writers Blog

Blog Content – Where to Find It to Avoid Writer’s Block

You have committed to writing a blog. Your publishing schedule has been created. You know how you are going to promote your blog once it is published. You have designed and created a website to host your blog. Now, what are you going to write about? How will you come up with ideas for topics? Can you come up with enough material to maintain a consistent publishing schedule? Writers block is normal, so here are a few tips for developing your content ideas.

  1. Look around you. Watch the news. What is trending on social media? Find topics that relate to your industry and write about them. How do you feel about the topic? How will the topic affect your industry?
  2. Read other blogs. No, you cannot steal and republish blogs from others. That’s plagiarism. However, reading other blogs may trigger an idea for you.
  3. Are there industry events you can write about? Conferences. Webinars. Podcasts. Talk about what you did at these events or what you learned. How will your new knowledge help your readers?
  4. Share great things from others. If you see pictures or infographics that would be helpful for your readers, share it – just be sure to give credit to the person who created it.
  5. Ask your audience for topic ideas. Reach out to them on social media, and ask them what topics they are interested in.
  6. Are there seasonal topics related to your industry? Write about those topics during the appropriate season.
  7. Your readers probably have questions. Take a common question from your readers and expand on the answer in a blog.
  8. Tell of your customers’ success stories. People love a good story. Tell how one of your customers is thriving because of your business.
  9. Update your old blogs. It is a good idea to review your content making sure it is still relevant.
  10. Keep a list of ideas. Ideas pop up all the time, so keep an ongoing list and refer to it when you need some inspiration. There are many ways to keep your list – a notebook or a spreadsheet. I keep a list in my phone. I always have my phone with me, so whenever I come across an idea, I can quickly put it in my phone. Otherwise, I would have sticky notes with ideas posted everywhere!

What about you? Where do you get ideas?

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