Creating Content That Engages

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Creating Content That Engages

Engage Your Readers

Readers come to your blog for one of three reasons.

  1. They want to be educated.
  2. They want to be entertained.
  3. They want to engage.

Content that engages your readers encourages them to do something. It drives your readers to take action.

Ways to Engage Your Readers

Grab Their Attention Immediately

In today’s world, everyone is inundated with content. Thanks to social media, websites, email and texting, people are constantly besieged with messages. You only have a few seconds to grab the attention of your readers. Headlines are key. They are the first thing your readers will see, so make sure the headlines grab your readers’ attention. Make sure they draw your readers in to the rest of your content.

Tell Stories

Let your readers in. Tell them a story about yourself. What drove you to start your business? Why did you create the product you sell or the service you provide? When readers know and understand the “why” of your business, they feel connected to you. You become a real person that is there to help instead of a pushy salesperson. Sharing personal stories with your readers puts a human face to your company.

Introduce your readers to your customers. Including stories from clients who have benefited from your business shows your readers that what you have to offer can help them too. They can understand and empathize with your other customers. They can relate to your customers’ stories and will be inspired knowing your product or service provides great results.

Call to Action

Encourage your readers to take action. Write a “how to” piece or a guide with specific steps your readers can follow. By providing action steps for your readers, you just positioned yourself as someone who is helpful – not just someone who is out to make a dollar.

Create a Community

Encourage readers to engage through your blogs. Start a dialogue with your readers by asking questions. Have them leave their answers in your comments section. You will be amazed at how much your readers will inspire each other. Plus, this is a great way for you to develop a better understanding of your potential clients. As they provide feedback and encouragement for each other, you can learn their pain points. You can learn what they need and how that relates to your business.

Today, business can be done completely online. You may never meet your customers face-to-face or even speak with them on the phone. Engage and interact with your customers online, and you go a long way in growing your relationship with them as well.

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