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Five Tips to Help You create Customer-Focused Content

Creating customer-focused content

Gone are the days of high-pressure sales techniques. Today, customers want to be in control of their purchasing decisions. They don’t want to feel like they are being sold to, like they are simply a means to an end for your bottom line. Your customers want to feel empowered. They want to feel like they are making informed purchasing decisions, and your marketing content needs to adapt to this mindset. Content should be about the customer – not about you.

Here are five tips to help you with customer-focused content.

  1. Use you instead of we or us.
  2. Make content relevant and relatable. This creates an emotional connection to your business which helps build relationships with your clients.
  3. Don’t just promote your product’s great features. Instead, put yourself in a position to be a valued resource for your clients. Tell customers how your products will help them. How will it solve their problems. How will it make their lives easier.
  4. Answer questions. Perhaps you already have a list of questions current customers have asked. Use those questions as a guide when writing your content. In doing so, you can answer questions for new clients before they even ask – again making you a valuable source of support for your clientele.
  5. Entertain. Inform. Use your marketing content to educate your clients about your company. Make them laugh. Everyone appreciates a brief comedic break. Tell a story. Stories draw customers in and help them relate to you and your business. Inform clients about your products or services, but do it in a way that highlights how these things are beneficial for the customer.

Follow these five, easy steps to connect with your customers by focusing on them instead of you.

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