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Enjoy Time Away From Work

Slowdown, Take a Breath and Enjoy Time Away from Work

Y’all starting a business is no joke. The last year has been crazy and messy, and it has been fun and fulling. At times, I feel like I’ve got this, and at other times, I question my sanity for thinking I’ve got this! In order to meet deadlines, I’ve had late nights and early mornings. On the other hand, I’ve taken days off simply because I want to spend time with my family. And, I’ve been blessed with amazing clients – some that I am lucky enough to call friends.

Enjoy Time Away From WorkEven though I work in the summer, the schedule seems less hectic and more relaxed. But now, summer is over, and the fall schedule has kicked in. Kids are back in school, and our free time is filled with projects, extracurricular activities and general craziness. However, during the last week of summer, I took some time. I consciously disconnected and soaked in the final days summer with my family. I enjoyed time way from work to celebrate my successes of the last year and to simply breathe.

It was fun and relaxing. We enjoyed traveling, playing games and trying new things. I admit it was hard to let go of my to-do lists and not think about upcoming projects and deadlines. But, I did, and I learned a few things during my downtime.

Four Reasons You Should Take a Vacation

  1. You need to let go.

     No, you can’t ignore your deadlines, but with careful planning, you can hit your deadlines before your vacation and schedule future deadlines a few days out after you return home. Give yourself a few days to unpack and get back into the swing of things. You don’t want to worry about an impending deadline while you’re trying to relax on vacation.

  2. Taking time for yourself and time away from your clients is ok.

     In fact, it is necessary. You give so much of yourself to your clients and your business, but you can’t take care of your clients, your business and all the other things you have going on when you are worn out. During vacation, take time to rest and enjoy your family.

  3. Have fun! 

    This is your time to let loose. Enjoy it. What makes you happy? Do it. What is something you have wanted to try but haven’t had the time? Do it. What rejuvenates you? Do it.

  4. It’s good for your health. 

     A study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association shows that taking an annual vacation reduces the risk of heart disease. A report featured on NPR shows vacations increase positive emotions while decreasing depression. Simply put, you just feel better during and after a vacation.

The happy-go-lucky days of summer are over. Life has resumed its usual, hectic pace. Unfortunately, I may not be able to go on an extended vacation, but I will take small moments to take care of myself. And, I will begin dreaming of what adventures my family will go on next summer.

Enjoy Time Away From Work Lighthouse

Whether you work for yourself or for another business, burnout happens. It affects your business, your work, even your family life. Take time for yourself. Disconnect from your to-do list and reconnect with your loved ones. You’ll be so glad you did, and you’ll come back to your work feeling refreshed and focused.

How do you enjoy time away from work? What do you do to rejuvenate? Let us know in the comments below.


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