Holiday Cards – Apostrophe or No Apostrophe

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Holiday Cards – Apostrophe or No Apostrophe

The best way to sign your holiday cards

The holidays are fast approaching which means holiday cards are coming. I love getting cards especially the ones with family pictures. I enjoy seeing my friends and how their families have grown over the last year.

To Add an Apostrophe or Not

I’m sure you’ve noticed the various ways people sign their cards. Some use an apostrophe with their last name and some do not.

Happy Holidays!

Love, The Hilliard’s

ORHappy Holidays!

Love, The Hilliards

Which is Correct?

Over the last few months, I have addressed the use of apostrophes in several of my Grammar Tips posts. If you recall from my previous tips, the apostrophe is used for two main reasons.

  1. To show possession
  2. To show letters are missing when combining two words (contraction)

“Love, the Hilliards” does not show possession, and it is not the combination of two separate words into one. Therefore, an apostrophe is not needed.

Now, you are ready to design your holiday cards, and you no longer have to question whether you need the apostrophe or not. Don’t Use It!

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