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Best way to engage your ideal customer – KISS Your Content 

In college, one of my photography professors introduced my class to the KISS concept – Keep It Simple Stupid. The idea was to keep the subject of your photos simple. Giving your viewer too much to look at becomes overwhelming and ultimately, your viewer doesn’t know what to focus on. The same holds true with your marketing content. Less is more.

Readers want information in a few seconds, and with so many companies competing for your customers’ attention, your content must quickly grab their attention. Long-winded explanations and lots of fluff take too long for your customer to read. Your content needs to get to the point and get to the point fast. Become too wordy and chances are your customer will click on the next site offering similar products or services.

Consumers are bombarded with online clutter. Over two million blogs are written every day. There is a website for everything, and according to some reports, the average person spends nearly two hours on social media each day. The amount of online information is staggering, and consumers don’t have time to read long, complicated messages.

Apply the KISS concept

When writing, apply the KISS concept to your paragraphs and sentences. Paragraphs should contain only a few sentences. Start your paragraphs with the main point. Add a few supporting details in the sentences that follow. Then, move on to the next paragraph.

Lengthy sentences with lots of descriptive words are great when you are settled in and ready to get lost in a book. However, when your customers are looking for the information they need to make a purchasing decision, they want that information quickly, and they want it to be easy to read. Keep sentences simple.

Your goal is to make it easy for your customers to learn about your products or services. When writing blogs, newsletters, websites or other marketing materials remember to use the KISS concept.

“Less is more. Keeping it simple takes time and effort.”

–Jeff Bullas, Social Media Marketing Strategist

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