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Grammar Tip: To, Too, Two from Mainstay Editorial

Grammar Tip: To, Too, Two

Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and different meanings. These words are not interchangeable and when used incorrectly will alter the meaning of your sentence or make the sentence meaningless. Brake and break. Piece and peace. Hear and here. These are a few examples.

To, too and two are another example of a homophone. Fortunately, the use of these three words is not too confusing! Even so, here are a few tips just to keep them straight.

To – preposition & infinitive

When used as a preposition, to precedes a noun.
Example: She went to class.

As an infinitive, to goes before a verb.
Example: I am going to swim.

Too – adverb

Too means more than or in addition. Often the word too can be replaced with also, and the meaning of the sentence won’t change.
Example: I am going to the store too.

Additionally, the word too can be used to mean excessive.
Example: I am too full to eat another bite.

Two – adjective or noun

Two refers to the number.
Example: I used two pans when baking the cake.

Grammar Tip: To, Too, Two from Mainstay Editorial


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