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There Are Three Main Reasons Why Customers Come to Your Site

Practicing What I Preach

If you have followed my blogs, you know I often preach about keeping things simple. Keep it simple and make life easier for your readers and customers. Earlier this year, I did a series of blogs highlighting three reasons customers come to your website or blog. In an effort to practice what I preach, I have made it easy for you to find all three blogs by putting them together in this post for you. Simply click on the link to read more about each topic.

Why Do People Come to Your Site?

Customers come to your website or blog for three primary reasons.

1.     They want to be educated about something.

2.     They want to be entertained.

3.     They want to engage with you or with others.


Educate Your Readers

What are your readers struggling with? What do they need help with? Readers come to you for answers and solutions, so be helpful. Provide useful information to your readers, and you become a valuable resource to them. Find out how in this blog.

Entertain Your Readers

There is a lot going on in the world today. Sometimes, your readers just want a break from their day-to-day activities. Help them take a break. Entertain them. Include visual elements in your posts, or skip the words all together. Instead, use video to convey your message. For more tips on how to entertain your readers, take a look at the link above.

Engage Your Readers

There are countless ways to engage your readers. Tell stories. Give them a Call to Action. Encourage your readers to interact with you and with each other creating a sense of community. This blog dives into more detail about getting your readers to interact with you.

Your ultimate goal is to turn readers into customers. Give them what they are looking for, and they will come to appreciate you. They will appreciate your knowledge. They will appreciate your insight. They will appreciate your help.  

Of course, you want to be make sure your messages are on point, and I would love to help you with that. I work with my clients behind the scenes making sure their written content is clear, concise and free of errors. Contact me if you would like to set up a free consultation.



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