Writing Tips

Grow Your Business Through Marketing
You Must Promote Your Business to Grow Your Business Whether you have an enormous marketing budget or just pennies, the[...]
What Does A Copy Editor Do?
What Does a Copy Editor Do? Since starting my business a few years ago, I have come to realize a[...]
Why Do Customers Come to Your Website
There Are Three Main Reasons Why Customers Come to Your Site Practicing What I Preach If you have followed my[...]
Enjoy Time Away From Work
Slowdown, Take a Breath and Enjoy Time Away from Work Y’all starting a business is no joke. The last year[...]
The Dos and Don’ts of Writing College Essays
The College Essay – Often One of the Most Dreaded Parts of the Admissions Process No teenager wants to think[...]
Ending a Sentence with a Preposition
Ending a Sentence with a Preposition While growing up, I was taught never to end a sentence with a preposition.[...]
Copywriting –What is It, Why is It Important
Copywriting –What is It, Why is It Important, and How Can a Professional Help You What is Copywriting? I am[...]
Overcoming Writer’s Block
Ten Tips for Overcoming Writer’s Block Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. Whether we were trying to write a[...]
Creating Content That Engages
Engage Your Readers Readers come to your blog for one of three reasons. They want to be educated. They want[...]
It’s Time to Stop Using Two Spaces After a Period
Keep Up With the Evolving Rules of Grammar and Punctuation How old are you? Believe it or not how many[...]
Creating Content That Entertains
Entertain Your Readers and Keep Them Coming Back Readers come to your blog for one of three reasons. They want[...]
Creating Content That Educates
Help Your Readers and Help Yourself at the Same Time Readers come to your blog for one of three reasons.[...]
Be Productive While Working from Home
Many of my clients are small business owners and like me, run their companies from their home office. Working from[...]
Writing for the Web
Top tips for writing for the web When reading online, we read differently than we would read a book. We[...]
Error-Free Content
Striving for error-free content and professionalism Grammar errors look sloppy and are distracting to readers. But, is an occasional error going[...]
Holiday Cards – Apostrophe or No Apostrophe
The best way to sign your holiday cards The holidays are fast approaching which means holiday cards are coming. I[...]
Blog Content – Where to Find It
Blog Content – Where to Find It to Avoid Writer's Block You have committed to writing a blog. Your publishing[...]
Tips for a Better Blog
Grow your Readership with These Tips for a Better Blog I’m sure you have read a blog or two, and[...]
The Benefits of Blogging
Ten benefits of blogging that really pay off You’ve heard blogging can be a valuable marketing tool for your business,[...]
Focus on Your Customer
Creating customer-focused content Gone are the days of high-pressure sales techniques. Today, customers want to be in control of their purchasing[...]
Happy National Punctuation Day!
It's National Punctuation Day! What? You didn’t know such a day existed? Well, it does, and it is celebrated every year[...]
KISS Your Content
Best way to engage your ideal customer - KISS Your Content  In college, one of my photography professors introduced my[...]
Honesty Really Is the Best Policy
Research tells us consumers value honesty and authenticity. Additionally, research tells us consumers are more likely to buy from companies[...]
Make Content Helpful to Connect with Your Ideal Clients
Give your clients what they are really looking for -- Make Content Helpful. Fancy marketing techniques and high-pressure sales tactics[...]
What to Expect from Your Copy Editor
When creating professional content here is what you should expect from your Copy Editor Have you ever read a website[...]