What to Expect from Your Copy Editor

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What to Expect from Your Copy Editor

When creating professional content here is what you should expect from your Copy Editor

Have you ever read a website or a blog and noticed a mistake? Have you ever tried to call someone only to discover the listed phone number is incorrect? What about those case studies that just don’t make sense.

Errors in content reflect poorly on a business, and when your marketing materials contain errors, potential clients see a lack of knowledge, a lack of attention to detail and a lack of focus. If your promotional pieces contain errors, potential customers are left wondering how many errors will surface in their transactions with your company.

Today, customers aren’t wowed by fancy marketing tactics.

They want to know how your product or service is going to help them, and they want to know they can trust you to deliver your promises. Good content helps you build relationships with your customers.

Copy editors do more than check for grammar and spelling errors. An editor works behind the scenes to ensure your written communication speaks to your customers while maintaining your company’s image. Quality editing will help you earn and keep your customers’ trust and respect. Editors:

  • Have a solid understanding of grammar and punctuation rules
  • Check the facts
  • Point out missing information
  • Ensure readability
  • Confirm smooth transitions
  • Eliminate wordiness
  • Make sure your message is consistent and accurate across all promotional materials
  • Help you build trust with your customers

Another set of eyes can make a big difference.

You may be tempted to edit your own work, but spellcheck and a simple read-through are not enough. When checking your own work, your brain reads right over the mistakes you made – reading instead what you intended to write. You have spent so much time writing your material that when you check it your brain is operating on instinct. It already knows what should be written, so it doesn’t realize pieces may be missing or incorrect. This is why editors are so vital. Editors look at your material with a fresh set of eyes making sure your content is accurate, clear and concise.

Content is marketing, and marketing drives sales. Good, error-free content positions you as a leader in your industry. An editor will make sure your content is on target, and that you are putting your best foot forward with your clients.

You have invested time and energy into your marketing materials. Don’t let a few mistakes derail your hard work and reflect negatively on your business.

Editing is not an expense. It’s an investment.

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